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Element Gorilla Plus

Chemical Elements Software

Learn Chemical Element Names and Symbols

Use Element Gorilla Plus to improve your chemistry grades at school

Drills Chemical Elements and Symbols
  • Choose from 118 chemical elements and their symbols
  • Choose atoms individually or by Groups
  • Create a User Defined Group of elements
  • 3 different question types: Text Box, Drop Down or Multichoice
  • 2 Levels for Multichoice Questions
  • Sort saved scores by Date, Name, Number Correct, Number Attempted, Percent Correct and Score
  • Customize Colors and Wallpaper
  • Change the Spelling of elements` names (American, English or Custom spelling)
  • Change the symbols for newly named elements
  • Install and uninstall support
  • Online help

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• Unlimited uses
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• email support

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